The HCG diet has a track record of proven results. Success stories report losing as much as 30+ pounds over the course of the diet when followed accurately. The success of the HCG diet has garnered it a lot of attention and many have wondered how it works.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is naturally found in pregnant women and plays a key role in the development of children in utero and it plays a key role in making sure that both the mother and the child receive adequate nutrients during pregnancy.

It is the role of nutrient provision that led scientists to study HCG as a possible weight loss aid. During pregnancy, HCG helps releases stored fats into the bloodstream and the nutrients found in those stored fats are provided as supplemental nutrition to the baby. Scientists found that even when a pregnancy is not present, HCG still performs the function of releasing stored fats. Studies show that when patients undertake a strict 500 calorie diet and receive HCG see noticeable results in their weight loss. The HCG helps to ensure that your body releases stored fats to make up for the caloric deficit instead of turning to muscle tissue.

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