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Weight Loss as a Lifestyle


Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss is a medical facility that functions to help residents of the Miami area lose weight and maintain a healthy body image and lifestyle longterm. Our clients say we have the best weight loss program in Miami. We offer several products and procedure that are proven to aid you in [...]

Weight Loss as a Lifestyle2022-05-16T16:52:10+00:00

Steps You Should Implement NOW to Encourage Weight Loss


Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle at All Costs AD: VEIN DISEASE & CHRONIC VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY TREATMENT Schedule and motivate yourself to complete an exercise activity each and every day. There can be days where this action is more involved and focused, and others where the activity you partake in is a simple 30 minutes of walking. It [...]

Steps You Should Implement NOW to Encourage Weight Loss2022-12-14T20:28:59+00:00

Slim Down This Summer With These Tips


Summer is a time to look forward to warmer weather, swimming, backyard barbeques, and time spent with family and friends. But for a lot of people, summer might bring hesitation about their body as they may not feel fit enough to wear swimsuits, shorts, or tank tops. It’s never too late to lose the weight [...]

Slim Down This Summer With These Tips2022-05-16T16:49:09+00:00

Tips to Success


The HCG diet takes diligence and intentionality. Those who have experienced success have embraced the necessary regimen and have seen fantastic results. Here are some tips that can aid in your success. 1) Load up properly - Don’t short circuit the plan by implementing phase 2 too soon. During the two-day loading phase, the goal is [...]

Tips to Success2022-05-16T16:48:41+00:00

How Does HCG Work?


The HCG diet has a track record of proven results. Success stories report losing as much as 30+ pounds over the course of the diet when followed accurately. The success of the HCG diet has garnered it a lot of attention and many have wondered how it works. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone [...]

How Does HCG Work?2022-05-16T16:48:19+00:00

Is HCG the Better Option?


Statistics state that ⅔ of Americans are considered overweight, obese or morbidly obese and there don’t appear to be any signs that this trend is tapering back. This obesity problem has given rise to all kinds of medical treatments to help curb the gain, but many of those treatments involve invasive procedures that are painful [...]

Is HCG the Better Option?2022-05-16T16:47:53+00:00

One Woman’s Story


She was a state championship high school basketball player, cheerleader, and a runner. She played volleyball in college and unlike many, lost a little weight instead of putting on those freshman fifteen. Fast forward a few years; marriage, pregnancy, and life in general resulted in the slow, but continual weight gain that culminated at over [...]

One Woman’s Story2022-05-16T16:47:29+00:00

Join the Rebel-ion Against Unwanted Weight


Rebel Wilson isn’t a name that you might instantly recognize, but if you saw her and her comedic antics in movies like Pitch Perfect, How To Be Single, and Bridesmaids. Her blend of physical comedy and subtle British humor has put her on a track of popularity among younger fans. Unfortunately, her weight has at [...]

Join the Rebel-ion Against Unwanted Weight2022-05-16T16:47:06+00:00

What is HCG?


If you’re considering the HCG diet, it might help to understand a little about what HCG is and how it is utilized to aid in weight loss. HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is why everyone just calls it HCG. HCG is a natural hormone that is produced in the body of a [...]

What is HCG?2022-05-16T16:46:45+00:00

Real Houswife of Orange County Loses Weight Using HCG


The Real Housewives brand has become a household name for many, but it was Real Housewives of Orange County that started it all. Fans loved the drama and the glimpse into the world of how the housewives of the powerful and wealthy live. One of the realities that we saw from that reality show is [...]

Real Houswife of Orange County Loses Weight Using HCG2022-05-16T16:46:30+00:00
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