Clothing size is a constantly shifting metric. Until the United States Civil War, clothes were almost exclusively custom made to fit the wearer. The idea of standard sizes hadn’t really been invented yet. In fact, it was the need to outfit lots of Union soldiers quickly that eventual to the Small, Medium, Large etc. sizing that we know of today, but even those standards have been a moving target. Time Magazine produced a graphic in their most recent issue showing how these standards have moved.

Sadly, however, dress size has been the used by many women as the standard for determining in their own minds whether or not they are “fat” or “skinny”, but dress sizes not only vary over time, but according to which retailer you’re visiting.

The best thing a women can do is have a frank and honest conversation with their doctor about whether or not their weight loss goals are realistic and whether or not their concerns regarding weight are founded on health concerns or societies definition of beauty. Too many women in the latter camp seek out medical weight loss options that may not be a right fit for them.

Women have the right to determine what they want to look like, but that choice should be an informed one. If you feel like you are overweight, talk to a doctor. Elite Fast Weight Loss can give you informed counsel on medical weight loss options and help you determine if it is right for you.

Don’t let a subjective number tell you what to do. Talk to a doctor and make a smart and informed decision.