A new article published at Science Daily discusses the far reaching benefits of physician-supervised medical weight loss programs. The article follows the story of Valerie Prim, a North Carolina woman who had suffered with overeating and obesity. Because she grew up in a large Italian family, Prim says that large meals were a major part of her life. Life events, including becoming an empty-nester, further encouraged her eating habits and led to significant weight gain going from 150 lbs to over 220 lbs. As a result of her weight gain she developed high blood pressure and was close to being pre-diabetic.

It wasn’t until Prim entered into a physician-supervised, medical weight loss program that she received the support she needed to lose weight. Under the care and guidance of a weight loss doctor, Prim was able to lose over 70 lbs and restored her body to health..

“Historically, providers have been taught directly or implicitly that obesity is more of a character flaw, that it’s related to being lazy and inactive. Now, we have the AMA designation of obesity as a disease, which has been influenced by progress in the science of obesity. As a result, we’re changing people’s attitudes, and the next step is to improve access to more medical treatment for obesity.”

To learn more about Prim’s story and the extended benefits of medical weight loss programs, please visit this article’s source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/07/160713172715.htm