With the past two weeks consumed by coverage of the Olympics, many of us have probably wondered what it takes to maintain a body fit for that kind of competition and what we might need to do to get a body like that.

The danger for many of us though is that we may hear about these diets for peak performers and assume that these are the best ways to eat in an effort to lose weight or be more fit. However, many athletes need to get fast energy in preparation for competition or high proteins as they recover from running miles strenuous workouts. The manner in which they choose to eat is designed specifically for their specific situation. Usually a professional dietician is employed to ensure that the proper amount of calories is consumed and a proper balance of carbs and proteins is maintained.

For the layperson, many of the diet plans observed by professional athletes simply are not what is right for your specific weight loss needs. You can certainly learn a lot about diet by familiarizing yourself with how professional athletes fuel their bodies, but it is important to remember that their output is going to be different then yours and that anytime your looking to alter your diet or lose a lot of weight, consulting with a professional dietician or weight loss doctor is a good idea.

You might find that the plan that works for you is completely different from what you keep hearing about from professional athletes and that’s good. Until you’re training for an Olympic bid, you probably shouldn’t be eating like an Olympian. Get to know your body and what it will take to get the weight off based on your specific needs by talking to one of our nutritional counselors and we can get you on the right path.