She was a state championship high school basketball player, cheerleader, and a runner. She played volleyball in college and unlike many, lost a little weight instead of putting on those freshman fifteen.

Fast forward a few years; marriage, pregnancy, and life in general resulted in the slow, but continual weight gain that culminated at over 75 pounds heavier than that champion athlete and cheerleader. While still the same person on the inside, the gradual weight gain led to sadness and a sense that she just wasn’t as attractive and missed being able to be active and frankly, finding clothes that she liked just became difficult.

After years of this struggle, she discovered HCG. She understood that it was going to take work and discipline, but she was determined. After five months of using HCG and following the diet plan, she was able to lose 56 pounds. Finally, the clothes fit, she was able to be more active, and the exterior felt like it matched the interior.

HCG is a great way to get the unwanted weight off and get back to the clothes you like and the lifestyle you desire. A strict diet plan aided by a helpful counselor can deliver the results you want and set you on the path to success. This woman’s story can be your story too. Contact us and let us help you get started down the path to successful weight loss.