KERR NEWS – An article that was recently published on the KERA News website discusses the legitimacy of weight loss medications and medical weight loss programs, though the experts say that users of the medications need to be clear about what they are taking.

To reach their conclusions, the research team lead by non-surgical weight loss experts from UT Southwestern Medical Center, analyzed data from several, randomized control trials which had been performed over the last decade. They found that several medications were effective in suppressing appetite and helping patients feel fuller when they eat. The most effective medical weight loss medication appeared to be phentermine.

“These medications independently help people to lose weight by suppressing appetite or helping them feel fuller when they eat, but when they’re used in combination, they can be used in lower doses, usually with fewer side effects. And that helps people to suppress their appetite and feel fuller sooner, eat less and that kind of helps with that part of the energy balance equation.”

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