According to a recent study, those who are severely obese and undergo weight loss surgery increase their risk of bone fracture. Those who are able to lose weight with non-surgical medical weight loss diets compared favorably regarding risk of fracture. The researchers that led the large study, which was was recently published by The BMJ, indicated that obesity may not be as protective for fracture as once believed and that fracture risk assessment ought to be a part of weight loss care in the future.

Benefits and risks of surgery should be considered on an individual basis to propose the type of surgical procedure best suited to the patient as the efficacy of weight loss surgeries differs in terms of resolution of chronic conditions.

The study was performed by researchers in Canada. These researchers observed the incidence and sites of fracture in several patients who were determined to be severely overweight before undergoing weight loss surgery. The team then compared their results against obese and non-obese controls to analyze the association between weight loss surgery and fracture risk.

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